Want to join?

If you'd like join Central Castings, please request an application by sending an email to info@centralcastings.co.za together with the following:

- Your Name & Surname
- Your Age
- Two clear, recent pictures of yourself

You need to have the following in order to apply:
- A copy of your ID/ Passport/ CTR
- Your own Tax Reference Number
- A bank account
- (Non S.A citizens must be in possession of a valid work permit)

(If you do not have a tax number, please obtain one from SARS prior to coming in for registration. This takes 21 days. On-line registration for a tax number can be done on your behalf for a admin fee of R 50 cash. This takes 3 days.)

Beware of agencies which lure you with promises of guaranteed work and then charge you anything from R 150 to R 500 fee to join, plus additional charges for "portfolio's".


We are an OSCA-SA member.